Women's Golf Association
at Mission Valley Country Club, Nokomis, FL
2024 UPS Season Ending Shootout Thursday, May 2nd 2024

Robyn Catley (with her winner's prize and trophy) wins UPS Shootout with Lucille Thomas Finishing 2nd. Robyn wins $30 along with an Orange Whip Trainer donated by Orange Whip Golf
Season Points Competition Final Standings
2024 Results/Payout - $70
1st Robyn Catley $30 + Orange Whip Trainer
2nd Lucy Thomas $20
3rd - Tie Diana Glasheen $10
3rd - Tie Mary Pat Kahler $10
5th - Tie Cindy Bischoff
5th - Tie Cathy Kuhlman
5th - Tie Linda McCardel
5th - Tie Maria Kroninger
5th - Tie Debi McGrath
5th - Tie Susan Terry
L-R: Mary Pat Kahler, Robyn Catley, Cathy Kuhlman, Diana Glasheen, Susan Terry, Cindy Bischoff, Debi McGrath, Linda McCardel, Lucy Thomas