Women's Golf Association
at Mission Valley Country Club, Nokomis, FL
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Trick or Treat
» Thursday, October 26th 2023
1st place Karen Binder Score 32, $20
2nd place Pat Flynn score 32, $18
3rd place Deb McGrath 36, $16
4th place Maria Kroninger 36, $14
5th place Carol Hoffman 36, $12
6th place Cathy Kuhlman 36, $10

Closest to the Pin Jane Mabry 19'1/2" $5
Before the round begins, circle (on the scorecard) 3 par 3's, 3 par 4's, and 3 par 5's. Use only these 9 holes for your net score for the game. Half your handicap will be applied to determine your final score for the game.
Ringer Board/Chip-ins/Birdies apply.
*Your full gross score will be recorded by the Pro Shop in GHIN.