Women's Golf Association
at Mission Valley Country Club, Nokomis, FL
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Most Fairways
» Thursday, November 16th 2023
1) Lucy Thomas/Anne Strahm 15pts
2) Pat Urbanski/Robyn Catley 14pts
3) Michele Darling 13pts
4) Leslie Thomas 12pts
5) Karen Binder/Susan Talbot
Chris Smialek/Mary Collins
Donna Athanas/Pat Flynn 11pts
6) Mimi Henderson/Cindy Bischoff
Wendy Boyd/Diana Glasheen 10pts

Closest to the pin - Anne Strahm
Circle the hole number on the scorecard if your drive lands in the fairway. Top 6 Most Fairways Hit win.
Ringer Board/Chip-ins/Birdies apply.
*Your full gross score will be recorded by the Pro Shop in GHIN.