Women's Golf Association
at Mission Valley Country Club, Nokomis, FL
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Criss Cross
» Thursday, January 11th 2024
1) Eloise Green
2) Lydie Pope
Linda McCardel
Robyn Catley
Susan Terry
3) Sandy Welch
Cathy Kuhlman
Susie Talbot
Sally Kernan
Mary Pat Kahler
Maria Kroninger
Bea Miley
4) Barbara Schmid
Ann Zowine
5) Christiane Torchia
Barb Sweeney
Pat Flynn
Sue Onofrio
Leslie O'Malley
Debi McGrath
Sue Birbaum
Fran Diodati
6) Carol Fuller
Caprise Gallagher
Donna Athanas
Sheila Landis
Michele Darling
Cindy Bischoff
Sally Schaffer

Closest to the pin - Diana Glasheen
Individual stroke play.
After the round, compare net scores from the corresponding holes on each side and circle the net lower score. (Example - hole 1 and holes 10 are corresponding holes). The player then adds up all the circles and submits a 9 hole score for the game.
Ringer Board/Chip-ins/Birdies apply.
*Your full gross score will be recorded by the Pro Shop in GHIN.
NEW! Season Long Points Competition View Point Cup Standings & Info.
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Club Championship - Day 2
Tuesday, April 16th
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