Women's Golf Association
at Mission Valley Country Club, Nokomis, FL
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Paddy's Day Switch It Up
» Thursday, March 11th 2021
Total Participants 32; Total Payout $185

First Place Team - Score 123; $20 each
Mary Pat Kahler, Alice Schilling, Marge Flynn, Carole Ellstein

Second Place Team - Score 126; $15 each
Kathy Gallo, Sue Quick, Tricia Eales, Carol Angelotti

Third Place Team -Score 127; $10 each
Kathy Hofstra, Carole Hoffman, Fran Diodati, Peg Reny

CTP Hole #11 Susan Shaffer 12'2", $5
This is a four woman 2 net best ball team event. All players will tee off from the #3 tees on hole 1, #2 tees on hole 2, #1 tees on hole 3 and repeat the pattern for all 18 holes.

Each team will record the two lowest net scores.