Women's Golf Association
at Mission Valley Country Club, Nokomis, FL
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Three Jills & a Jack
» Thursday, March 18th 2021
Total Participants 80; Total Payout $360
1st Place Gross Score 144; $20 each
Tom Kelly, Robyn Catley, Deb McGrath, Barbara Schmid

2nd Place Gross Score 152; $15 each
Jeff Fields, Jody Nagelson, Nancy Kelly, Ruth Soldenhoff

3rd Place Gross Score 153; $10 each
Ted Dickinson, Susan Terry, Hilda Lyon, Sue Onofrio

1st Place Net Score 123; $20 each
Jack Mooney, Cathy Kuhlman, Lucy Thomas, Lyndie Pope

2nd Place Net Score 124; $15 each
Patrick Gallagher, Mary Collins, Debbie Bowgren, Debbie Grovum

3rd Place Net Score 127; $10 each
Bob Metzger, Janie Miller, Kelly Jo Drewery, LaRue Fields
Players make their own team pairings with 3 women and one man. No husband or "significant other" may play in your foursome.
Two best balls of foursome - keep gross and net. Cash raffle to benefit Florida State Junior Girls Golf Scholarship Foundation.
8:30 shotgun - luncheon to follow golf.